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China Spring High School Band
Orlando - Universal Studio Trip
Mar 01–07, 2024

To confirm your spot on the trip you must have paid at least $75 by September 15th. There is a payment schedule provided in the website check it out to make sure you stay on track to have everything paid off in Jan/Feb of 2024. 



Orlando Trip Itinerary

Instructions to register

Make sure to read the instructions and let us know if you have any questions!

Please read the whole letter below, before you Click on The Trip Link, Type In TheTrip Code or Watch The Video

INFO Regarding Registration On The Electronic Payment Site: Groupcollect

Everyone must fill out all of the info on the payment site or you will be marked "not fully registered". All Students should sign up for the Sextet Price. Chaperones/Guests will choose  the adult package that describes the number of people in your room (Sextet, Quint, Quad, Triple, Double Single). To be eligible for a refund policy, students and chaperones must click on, and choose an insurance package while registering. When you choose insurance, you must know that the first part of your payment will go toward paying for the insurance and will not cover the deposit, that is additional. Please read All Info Below before clicking on the The Registration Link And Registration Code. Be Sure To Watch The Helpful "How To Video" near the end of this letter.

We strongly encourage all travelers to select the "Enhanced Protection" Trip Insurance. Enhanced Protection provides a 100% refund for cancelations for reasons such as sickness, injury, death in family, etc...listed in the policy terms  It also provides a 75% refund for any reason not covered 100%.  This extensionincluded in the Enhanced Protection is called "Cancel for Any Reason".Travelers who purchased "Enhanced Protection" and cancel for reasons not covered 100% will receive a 75% refund with no questions asked. This 75% Extension is NOT included in the "Standard Protection".
You/Traveler will need to e-sign a document regarding these insurance options at the time of registration. Please understand that TripMate Trip Protection is separate from Troubadour Consultants. Filing an insurance claim with TripMate can, sometimes, be a lengthy process depending on the reason for cancellation, therefore travelers who sign up for the trip should do so with the intentions of traveling. Please understand that there are no guarantees for refunds without the purchase of TripMate Enhanced Trip Protection.

For clarification, The standard protectionprovides 100% coverage for cancelation, only for, reasons such as sickness, injury, death in family, (Exact terms of policy available at the time of registration) but it does NOT includethe "Cancel For Any Reason" extension.

During Registration, you will have the option between:
Standard Tip Protection
Enhanced Tip Protection
DeclineTip Protection

Choose Enhanced Tip Protection For Refunds from 75%-100%. Troubadour would automatically include the Enhanced Trip Protection if we could. We can not include the insurance in the package because it is a relationship between you, the traveler, and Trip Mate. Therefore, you must choose the insurance for yourself and/or your family member/student.

Insurance must be chosen at registration. It will only be available for a few days, once you register.
Choose the Enhanced Protection, IT IS YOUR REFUND POLICY.

Payments Can be Made On The Groupcollect Payment site with Credit Card, Debit Card and Electronic bank Draft.

Below is a link to a video that will demonstrate how to register and make payments on the Groupcollect website. This video will help eliminate frustrations. It's good for Everyone. After the video, Use the trip Link and Code to begin the Registration Process.


Registration Link: China Spring High School Band

Registration Code:  CHINASPRINGHSBAND2024


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