Hey Band!


I would first like to thank every one of you (parents included) for making the transition year happen! I know there was much to learn on my end and appreciate your patience and support along the way. I am happy to announce ALL of the directors are returning for the 2018-2019 school year! Now we get to come into everything knowing everyone and able to get to work quick! The show design is in full swing and is now fully sketched out. I am taking the time to input the entire drill into Pyware (marching show design software), so you can have videos, count sheets, and other resources as we learn our 2018 Show!


As many of you know, this is a state advancing year for our marching band. Although you have made it in the past, that does not guarantee a spot for the future. We must earn our place, just like everyone else. Everyone will start in the same situation this summer. We have to make the difference in how we advance ourselves during rehearsals to those Friday night performances, to our invitational performances, and then finally our UIL performances. I am confident that if we exhibit discipline in our rehearsal and rehearse as if we have to lay it all on the line for finals in San Antonio, we can realize our goals. This year we will adopt the motto "show me your champion." I will explain more on its meaning at summer band, but our motto exists to inspire superior performance. I hope each of you shows up this summer with the focused intent on making each performance superior by making it always better than your last.


I felt it appropriate to include this paragraph for many reasons, but one is the experience I had with teenagers and cell phone usage at a movie theatre this summer. When you can't put your phone down for 120 minutes to view a movie you've paid for probably means your addicted. We will be adopting a NO CELLPHONE policy during rehearsal. If we see it, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of rehearsal. If it becomes an issue further disciplinary action will be taken as outlined in the handbook. I understand there may be a need to use a tuner/met on your phone. It is quite apparent when you're using your phone for tuning or metronome purposes. Once done, it is to be placed away out of sight. We also provide tuners/metronomes for anyone interested (so you don't have to have your cell phone). Students I know this will take some self-control, but I assure you rehearsal will be MUCH more focused if we do not have to compete with screens. Let us focus on making memories and moments (both musically and socially) in front of us rather than on screens. Parents we are asking for your support in this endeavor. If you need your student for an emergency, please feel free to contact one of the directors.


Make sure you have a current band calendar. The Calendar is available through the website (cscougarband.com) and through Charms (more instructions on using Charms at cscougarband.com). There you can also find the band handbook complete with all of our discipline and attendance policies. While you are there make sure to sign up for the high school Reminds, email lists, and update your charms information (if needed).


Leadership you will report July 9th-13th to the band hall. We will be bringing in Jeff Jones (jonesleadership.com) on Tuesday to work specific leadership skills that you can apply to your entire year. Each day will be from 9 am to 5 pm (with a break for lunch) except for Friday. Friday we will start at 9 am and conclude with a trip to give you some time to build yourself as a leadership team and have a little fun. We will be back later that evening (around 9 pm). I would encourage the students to either bring their lunch if they want to stay at the band hall or be able to travel home (eating out every day is expensive). More details will be released on Monday of Leadership Camp.


Percussion you will report to the Band Hall on July 16 – 20 from 8:00am to 3:30pm (with a break for lunch). Make sure you have everything you need for those rehearsals. We are bringing in the Academy’s (DCI Corps) Drumline Technician for you guys, so make sure you’re on time every day ready to soak up all you can. If you want to check out a pretty cool video of him click here


Freshman Camp is at July 23 – 25 from 8:00am to 12:30pm. Freshman, you will need your instruments and all of the things listed below. We are excited to have you this year and are ready to see you continue the tradition of excellence. Come ready to work!


Make sure you have everything you need for summer band (these will also be needed for percussion and freshmen camp). A specific list of all items needed for band can be found in the handbook but here are some reminders:

  1. Instrument (with necessary accessories)

  2. Flip Folder

  3. Pencil

  4. Valve Oil/Cork Grease



Summer band is a fun time of year, but it is also very HOT. Make sure you take care of the following (this also applies to Freshman and Percussion camp) before coming to band camp, so you can have a great experience:

  1. Make sure you have a water container (water will be provided, but no cups). One can be purchased at cscougarband.com and delivered the first day of band camp.

  2. Wear tennis shoes and socks. You will be on your feet A LOT. Take care of them.

  3. Wear cool clothing that is dress code appropriate. Think t-shirt and shorts.

  4. You must be in CSHS dress code during all summer events (hair, piercings, etc..). We will be checking.  

  5. Wear a hat and sun protection. Sunburns are no fun.

  6. Eat breakfast! You will be outside doing work and will need that fuel to keep yourself in the best condition to perform.

  7. Water Container (that’s right its listed multiple times to remind you).


You will also need to turn in the following forms by Friday, August 3rd:

  1. Marching Band Acknowledgement Form

  2. Statement of Excellence

  3. 2018-2019 Band Permission/Medical Release Form

  4. Private Lesson Form (highly encouraged to get into private lessons)


Parents it is also encouraged that you fill out a Booster Volunteer Form. This will give you very specific instructions on what you will need to get filled out in order to chaperone and work with the students.


All forms are available at cscougarband.com, through charms, and will be handed out during summer band. Full Band reports July 30th at 8am. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


Looking forward to making some fantastic memories with our Cougar Band Family. Let’s continue the tradition of excellence and continue to make our best better! Go Cougs!



- Nichelson



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